In the course of the production of the EPAM preparations, including cosmetic products, no stabilizers, preservatives, aromas, dyes etc. are used. The products do not contain substances foreign to living organisms. Consequently, they do not contain health-damaging components. Also when using EPAM products you receive the full energy information from healing plants, honey, mumio, clay, salt, propolis as well as wax. This is because the Tibetan technology used allows you to take full advantage of the healing potential of these natural resources. You receive this information from the environment most natural to you, which makes it purely natural information. But it is also for this reason that Tibetan preparations have a shorter consumption time than other products that are produced with the help of chemical stabilizers, dyes, etc. It is thus essential with our products to stick to the stated storage conditions.

What does it actually mean – EPAM?

It is short for the words Emulsion Propolis Activated Modification. The name is than followed by a number, indicating a specific modification.

What are the EPAMs good for?

EPAMs have proven to be a very good treatment for chronic diseases of the digestive organs – stomach, liver, gall bladder, for stomach and duodenum ulcers, and kidney inflammations. They are great for patients recovering from surgeries.

EPAM products can be split into two big groups

The first EPAM group:

The first group includes EPAMs 20, 21, 22, 23, 20C, 20D. The EPAMs in this group are used for a month with a subsequent 2-4 week break. Should the problem persist, continue usage, including the breaks, until the problem disappears. Sometimes, for more serious or chronic diseases, it is possible to use some of the EPAMs in this group without a break for as long as four months. Afterwards however, breaks need to be introduced. This group of EPAMs intensively influences the immune system and it is effects kick in quickly.

The second EPAM group:

The second group consists of other specialized EPAMs 8, 11, 12, 24, 31, 35, 36, 37, 96, 900, 1000. This group is to be used over a longer time period without breaks. The EPAMs are used in small dosages of around five drops. The effects become noticeable gradually and slowly, after some time. Keep in mind that these EPAMs heal very difficult and serious illnesses, which cannot be healed immediately. The effects of these EPAMs are closer to homeopathy.

EPAMs are designed for slower and gentler procedures, but they are capable of influencing more serious illnesses. They can be used for half a year, a year to a few years and for really serious illnesses (cancer, multiple sclerosis etc.) a lifetime.


A comprehensive range of EPAMs is set up so all the individual modification has the potential of influencing all the stages of diseases.

Some EPAMs kick in on a low level of the pathological process – 3rd to 1st stage (EPAM 31, 8, 11).

Stage 3 – the illnesses are chronic, and the affected areas produce toxins that poison normally functioning tissues. Characteristic diseases: chronic colitis, hepatitis, etc.

Stage 2 – the connecting tissue system starts to get affected, which reflects in the form of allergic illnesses (bronchial asthma). A system illnesses develops, frequently described as incurable  – lupus, system sclerodermis.

Stage 1 – growth of malign tumors 

How does the EPAM work? 

After the entry of the EPAM into the body, the energo-informative structures gradually renew the cells, organs and systems. This process continues to replicate until the whole organ system renews the ability to fulfill their functions.Healing - that is the final outcome of this process on the level of the physical body. Of course, this all does not happen at once, everything needs time. The lower the stage, in which the organs and systems are found, the more time is needed to rebuilt them. 

What does EPAM contain? 

The various modifications contain among other things eleutrococ, ginseng, Echinacea, ginco biloba, valerian, pine, spruce, fir, mint, thyme, aloe, chamomile, Muscat nut, licorice, oman, yarrow glycerin, drinking water and at least 14% of super fine molasses ethanol. Most EPAMs contain propolis (except for 7,39) and often mumio as well.

People often wonder how it is possible that both toning (reinvigorating) and sedating herbs are contained in one preparation. According to the Tibetan tradition the healing emulsion always gets prepared by putting tinctures together and one preparation contains both toning and sedating herbs, both anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic etc.

The explanation is simple – if the patient received only herbs or even medications to calm him/her down, he/she might be calm, but will not have enough strength to live his life. But when given both sedating and toning herbs, which will stimulate his muscle tonus, the person will be both calm and alert. This is the state that the Tibetan EPAMs help induce. 

Can healthy individuals use the EPAM? 

More that twenty years of experience with the usage of EPAM has shown, that when “practically healthy” people start using EPAM, it always leads to an increase in work performance and an improvement in overall shape. In these cases the most general modifications are suitable, such as EPAM 20, 20 C, 20 D or EPAM 7 without propolis.  To avoid development of addiction and thus reduction of their effectiveness, it is advisable to alternate usage of these EPAMs. 

Can EPAM be used with other medicines? 

Yes, it can be used with any kind of medications, even homeopathic. When the experiments with EPAM at the medical faculty in Voronezh were performed, it was not possible to prescribe EPAMs alone. They always had to be used with other medications. The results in the group where EPAM was given always surpassed those in the group with other drugs only. It has been found that there is not a medication that would not be compatible with or matching EPAM. 

What do we mean by activated? Skvorcov prepared EPAM strictly according to the Tibetan traditions and afterwards charged it energetically. To do this he used the energetic information of plants, energy of minerals, energetic pictures and icons including a very famous painting from Nicolai Roerich called the Mother of the World. This painting is the most energetically powerful and decorates the cover of our book Tibetan natural medicine. 

Mr. Boris Tichanovsky

Boris Tichanovsky can be called a hereditary healer. Long before he was born his great grand father was already a known Siberian healer/herbalist. Boris himself has been involved with healing for over 25 years. He was already a known specialist and healer-medium when he finished his medical high school, with honors. He got his university degree in biology. He was the director of the Center of Non-traditional Medicine „Avicenna“ in Voronezh, where he practiced healing and was active with the Russian Olympic team. Boris Tichanovsky has mastered a wide spectrum of popular healing methods effecting the psycho-energetic level, manual therapy (chiropractic), esotherapy, acupuncture, art-therapy, massages, Eastern healing exercises and special biostimulating preparations.

Furthermore, he has established his own healing methods, which are highly effective. Boris has been coming to the Czech Republic very often in the recent years to heal and hold courses under the common heading „Help yourself to harmony”.