History of EPAMs

More than twenty years ago professor Albert Vasiljevič Skvorcov participated in the translation of Tibetan texts in the Novosibirsk Academy of Sciences. In these texts he found a health elixir formula, later called EPAM. This man later introduced Boris Tichanovsky to Tibetan natural medicine. Skvorcov while working as a biophysicist in the Novosibirsk Academy of Sciences devoted himself to the studies of bio-energy. He examined the communication as well as mutual influence of people and plants on the energetic level. Skvorcov was invited to take part in the translation of the original Tibetan texts as a consultant and charged with providing scientific explanations for some technical issues. Here he met some colleagues that later became friends, who were devoted to the study and translation of the Tibetan text Chzud-schi, Vajdurja-onbo, the Atlas of Tibetan Medicine as well as other Tibetan literature, which had previously never been translated into a European language.

The principal teacher of Master Tichanovský was Roman Zolotnicky. Doctor Roman Zolotnicky earned his Phd. in science at a fairly young age. The issues he explored were hypnosis and influences on the human spirit and its demonstrations.

As a reward for the Soviet aid to Tibet in the sixties, the Tibetan Dalajlama decided to invite Russian doctors and some scientists, in this visit they got the chance to study the original Tibetan literature. The delegation of Russian doctors to Tibet was lead by the young doctor Zolotnicky. He ended up staying in Tibet for 15 years alltogether, to study natural medicine. In the meantime he regularly returned to Russia. He was invited to scientific congresses to the United States and Europe. In the USA he even acted as an adviser to the then US president JFK for some time.

Primarily the Novosiberian Academy of Sciences started translating the Tibetan texts made available by Dalajlama and started experimenting with the findings of these texts in practice. Great attention was paid to the Czhud-shi text and its interpretations. 

Roman Zolotnicky met Boris Tichanovsky at an international healer/medium course, which he lectured. He chose Tichanovsky and Jelena Tomlina out of 500 participants as his best pupils and gradually passed on his knowledge and skills to them. It was only a few years ago that Zolotnicky finally gave Tichanovsky the permission to use the gained knowledge without restraints according to his own judgement. And that is when the Tibetan products under the title EPAM started to emerge in the market. 

The knowledge passed on by Zolotnicky has provided the bases for further products from the EPAM range including Tibetan healing mud masks, skin masks, oils, bath salts, tinctures etc. A more detailed information on these products will be given later in the text. 

Skvorcov has been testing EPAM in the Novosibirsk Academy of Sciences for 25 years. The professor is among other things also a strong medium and healer, and takes great interest in the research of abnormal phenomena. The complicated production of EPAM consists of various rituals ranging from mantras singing, energetic charging, usage of plant information for structuring by means of biologic “structurators” such as wood, icons (energetic paintings), minerals and energetic influence. 

The product approval procedures were academically very difficult for Skvorcov, as he is not a doctor but a biophysicist. Moreover, he did not want any other doctor to join him as the author because he wanted the patent to indicate that the EPAM is an energetically charged and structured product. That gave the scientists dealing with the patent a difficult time, because they couldn't have imagined how the energy could be measured and altogether didn't believe in such concepts. And so the academic Svorcov made them perform an interesting experiment, which helped him to prove the measurability of the EPAM energy, and therefore its existence. The following is an account of this story.

 You might know, that each medication, before its gets used by humans must go through laboratory mice testing. EPAM had to go through these tests as well. Skvorcov handed the EPAM production formula the medical patent committee, which then created the appropriate herbal tinctures blend. Skvorcov put a part of the EPAM aside and performed the necessary rituals with the other part without adding anything to it. He further split this portion of EPAM into two parts and heated one part to 70 °C, whereby destroying the energetic charge. Immediately afterwards he performed the experiments on three control groups of mice.

He exposed the first group of mice to a deadly dose of radiation. He poisoned the second group with a special poison, which destroys the immune system. The third group consisted of healthy mice. When the mice were given no EPAM, the ones in the first two groups died. When all the mice were given the EPAM produced by the doctors without charging, 40 % of the mice in the first two groups survived. When given the charged EPAM, 60% of the mice survived in both the first and second group. In the case of the heated EPAM, 40 % of the mice from the control groups survived. Uncharged EPAM prolonged the life of healthy mice by 20-30 %, the charged one by 50%.

The conclusion was, that the results of EPAM uncharged and charged, but heated are the same. Consequently, Skvorcov was able to prove the energetic charging of EPAMs mathematically. The doctors were no longer able to say that the energy cannot be measured, and following forty repetitions they were forced to acknowledge the energetic program.

Consequently, the patent says, that EPAM is an energetically charged and structured product, which significantly boosts the immune system.

EPAM basically renews the natural immune system of people and when necessary, mobilizes it to perform better. On the other hand, it normalizes the immune system in cases where immunity can no longer be increased. The effectiveness of EPAM has been proven in the course of twenty years of clinical practice. There have been dozens of clinical, laboratory and experimental tests performed. In the course of twenty years volunteers have used the preparation, including medical personal, patients in hospitals and children of various ages with the aim to gain overview of the emulsion's effects.

An interesting experiment was performed during flu epidemics. EPAM was distributed free of charge to all kindergartens and schools in Novosibirsk; the children were given preventive dosages. When the flu epidemics broke out, only a few individuals in these schools got sick and even those had a very mild flu. Other institutions on the other hand had to be closed as a result of the epidemics. Many newspapers noted this experiment, which is how Boris Tichanovsky found out about it. At the time he was in charge of the Center of Nontraditional Medicine in the city of Voronezh and took care of major sportsman and celebrities as a psychologist. Above all, he was interested to see how EPAM was going to work with top sportsmen. Boris was in charge of the four-time Soviet Union boxing champion Jerjeschenko as well as the Voronezh world heavyweight boxing champion Abadzhan. Therefore, he did what he could to invite Mr. Skvorcov to Voronezh. This worked out and they consequently held joint lectures at various universities and performed many experiments. And in the meantime they have jointly produced the EPAMs 20,21,22 and later added 23.

The medical school, which performed the clinical texts with the EPAMs, had very good results. EPAM has positively influenced the health of patients with more than 70 different health problems in the last two decades. These improvements have been documented and confirmed by the treating doctors.

In the last years the academic Skvorcov has surrounded himself with a very strong team of wizards, scientists, biologists and doctors, who have discovered other specialized EPAMs. These modifications work very well for serious illnesses, which are very hard to treat with other preparations or cannot be treated at all. It is for example the nerve EPAM 1000, the liver EPAM 35, the heart EPAM 36 and others.